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wingedfool's Journal

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Jenn the village faerie
30 December
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Jenn likes:: *black*honesty*keylime pie*mustard*close friends*coffee (caramel!!)*books*sewing*trying to sleep*computer junk thing*Fransesca Lia Block*hiking*camp mikell*patchouli*music (yumm)*my trumpet*dancin*Sylvia Plath*faeries*chinese food*getting letters*taking black and whites*developing them*dark purple*summer*dramatics*sparkley stuff*flamingos*kids*the bucket guy*street musicians*playing my piano and trying to play the guitar (heh)*painting*brannon*linlin*parkeypoo*candle light dinners on the campus green in front of the fountain*beads*dressing fun*procrastinating (I don't really like it, but I do it so much you'd think I do)*sending packages to david*the crow*posters*batik*fabric stores*the smell of new tires*a good paycheck*indie films/music*ANI!!!*getting into the classes I want*going to concerts with linlin, bran, and parkeypoo and david when circumstances permit*the last week of school*buying people birthday presents (tyler likes his punching rabbi!)*comfy old faded and fraying jeans*fishnets*thrift stores....geez. I do believe I need to give it a rest.

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